Mireia Asensio

RELart Blog

Hello, I am Mireia. I believe the arts can enable more voices to be heard, more experiences to be shared and understood to enhance education, health, and our communities. My blog RELart is a space to explore the arts as a tool to engage people socially and to facilitate relations and connections.   


I am a consultant, socially engaged art practitioner, teacher, and researcher. I have over fifteen years’ work experience in Europe in the field of art-based evaluation, qualitative research, creative education, theatre-making, and community engagement. I have worked in higher education institutions, the public sector, and the third sector. I have been involved in many national and international projects in the UK, Spain, Europe, and Latin America. 


I can assist you with:

  • consultancy for art organizations and museums

  • teacher training in creative teaching and learning

  • community arts and participatory art practitioner

  • evaluation of socially engaged art projects

  • participatory art research (PAR) for development

  • social theatre-maker with young people and adults



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